Get in the driver's seat and pass the racing cars like they're standing still. Watch those curces! One mistake and you could go up in flames.


As a sequel to Pac-Man this game was introduced. MS. PAC-MAN his girlfriend. Still you need to eat the dots and avoid the ghosts. So it's the same gameplay as the original game.

Ms. Pac-Man needs to attempts to clear four various and challenging mazes filled with dots and ever-moving bouncing fruit while avoiding Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Sue.


Galaxian is a shoot 'em up in which the player is at the bottom of the screen, with an arrangement of aliens at the top.

The player moves left and right to aim at an alien, then shoots a bullet up the screen, and the alien it hits is killed.

The aliens are classed as Drones, Emissaries, Hornets and Commanders, with those higher up the screen scoring more points when destroyed.

At set intervals an enemy will move down the screen towards you, escorting a bomber, which is a moment of high danger. Clear a wave and another is generated.


Donkey Kong one of the great games created by Nintendo was also ported to the VIC-20 computer.

knowing the limitations of the Commodore VIC-20 quite a achievement. I myself played this game a lot on the commodore 64.




Pin Ball also name as Pin Ball Spectacular.

Multiplayer game using paddles.

In place of the usual flippers you'll find two sliding paddles. The bottom paddle operates like any flipper, but the top paddle "flips" the ball from below, as well as above.

Starting at the top you see two large multicolored walls. If you wipe out every block on either side you've uncovered an alien from outer space. Hit him an rack up points.


In PIRATE COVE you must first get to Treasure Island from your flat in London and then collect two treasures which have been buried on the island. Magic spelIs will help you but carpentry is also an essential skill which you will learn during your ADVENTURE. Some knowledge of animal behaviour may be of use, but may also prove misleading.

Drunken Pirates, buried bones (as well as Treasure), Parrots and Pirate Galleys all appear in this game. Although the treasures may not be quite what you would expect for a Pirate, they are both valuable in their own way.

The game can be started by typing sys 32592.


VIC-1908 - POKER

Bet up to 9 coins, draw 5 cards. Hold the ones you want to play, discard the rest. Bet again. Deal again-build your stakes. After you win you can draw one card (double or nothing). Your hand and bet determines how much you win (or lose).

Keyboard controls:
B = Bet
C = Hold card
RETURN = Hold card of your choice and proceed to next card
D = Double


This came out under two different names. Jupiter Lander and Super Lander.

vic-1907 super lander
Land your spaceship safely on the only solid landing site on Jupiter. Make as many exploratory landings as possible before fuel runs out. There are only 3 landing sites with 3 exciting difficulty levels. You can control the thrust level of play.

A - Left thrust
D - Right thrust
F1 - Heavy thrust
F2 - Middle thrust
F3 - Low thrust

The softness of the landing site is displayed on the meters-per-second gauge on the right side of the screen. If you land below the yellow zone - you crash. The softer the landing area... the more points you get. Try to land with the marker high in the yellow zone.

VIC-1906 - ALIEN

Came out with different tittles: Alien / Super Alien (German: Monster Alien)

You have to clear a large space maze crowded with deadly aliens. Your only defense is an "alien bubble"weapon. Blow up the bubbles, trap the alien, then quickly deflate the bubble before the alien's eat their way out… and eat you!

Adjust screen positions using the cursor key's.

fire+up inflate
fire+down deflate

P Up
L left
] Right
. Down
A inflate bubble
D deflate


VIC-1923 - GORF


The Gorfian attack begins with 3 fleets of Droids, controlled by a Gorf and supplied by large and small UFP's. These forces form an attack matrix. Start battling these forces from the edges, working your way toward the center. As you move up in rank the Droids are deployed at lower altitudes. If you are skillful you can destroy the Gorf and some of the Droids before the attack formation is complete, and gain extra points. You are assisted by a force field which provides limited protection.

You are confronted by 2 groups of forces consisting of a Gorf, 3 Attack ships, and a Laser ship which spearheads each attack force. The Laser ships use an extremly effective, power ray. They should be removed first if possible. Then go after the Attack ships and Gorfs at long range.

The Space Warp Fighters are the most sophisticated of the Gorf's forces. They are deployed in a spiral formation, launching homing torpedoes which zeroinon your position. Try to eliminate each Fighter early, by moving close to the Center Launch Site, to minimize firing time. AS you move up in rank the Fighters recognize this and double their spiral and torp speeds.

When you reach the Flagship you will have to adjust your offensive tactics. Flagships are protected by a force field which can only be removed through rapid, repeat firings. Once through the field, a blast that would normally remove an ordinary alien will merely chip away at a Flagship. These chunks will fly off the main vessel and can be as dangerous to you as the fireballs being launched by the ship itself. The only way you can eliminate a Flagship and complete your mission is to penetrate the ships hul and expose the Flagships power reactor, which will then explode. The ship has one vulnerable spot on the underside of the hull, its REACTOR VENT. You can achieve success by removing as much of the hull as possible, but more skillful pilots hit the reactor with one blast aimed directly into the vent.



it's the 25th Century You are Buck Rogers lighting the battle of Planet Zoom.

This is a race against death! Your ultimate and most powerful enemy Is the deadly mothership!



A Chess program. On the box it starts with: Sargon II Chess is one of the most sophisticated computer chess programs in the world! But you DON'T have to be an expert to play it.

Teach Yoursel Chess! Sargon II is sophisticated enough to challenge the most avid plauer, but it also comes with "teach yourself chess"instruction which can help you to get started if you've never played before..

So I think I might try it to see if I can become a reals chess player ;-)


An alien attack force is trying to invade your star system. Your objective is to defend your star ship from the invaders by using your loser cannon. The game is over when all three star ships at your disposal have been destroyed.

Pressing the F1 function key allows for one person to play (F3 for two players).

To move across the screen from left to right ond also to fire the star ship laser gun, simply press the following keys.

L moves star ship left
] moves star ship right
A fires star ship laser.

If you have a joystick, this can also be used to manoeuvre and fire the star ship laser.



If and when a rat is hot on your tail you can if you wish confuse the chasing rat by simply pressing the "S" key. This key lays a star screen which creates a false scent and confuses the rat(s). However, pressing this key uses up your valuable time units, so use it sparingly.

On the right hand side of the screen is a small scale plan of the maze which not only shows the situation of each cheese but also the whereabouts of each rat. The cheeses are shown as squares. Your mouse is indicated by a moving square and the chasing rats are the red X figures.
This scale diagram is for your information and for information only, so keep your eyes peeled for those rats.

RADAR RAT RACE can be played with either your keyboard or joystick. Using your keyboard . . .

P Key Moves Up
L Key Moves Left
. Key Moves Down
; Key Moves Right
Your joystick will move you around.

Throughout the maze, randomly placed, are 10 cheeses which have varying values. The first cheese is worth 100 points, the second 200 points and so on. There is one cheese worth twice the normal value. It is advisable to eat this one first, as it doubles the score for all cheeses eaten thereafter.
Watch out for a number of Black cats. If you have the misfortune to bump into one you lose one of your three lives. When having eaten all 10 cheeses you may receive a bonus score (dependent upon how much time is left) but also the level of play increases with more cats to avoid and more chasing rats.
Scoring more than 20,000 gives you an extra life.


The VIC-1111 16K RAM Cartridge is a Random Access Memory expansion device produced by Commodore for the VIC-20.

The 16K Expander adds 16384 bytes of memory. When 16K cartridge is used to expand BASIC program area, the following areas are changed from the unexpanded VIC:

1) Screen memory moves to locations 4096-4607 ($1000-11FF)
2) Color memory moves to locations 37888-38399 (S9400-95FF)
3) The BASIC program area starts at 4608 ($1200)

Note that the VIC chip can only use on-board memory ($1000-1FFF) as screen memory and hi-resolution graphics areas, Using the Cartridge

1) Turn off the power to the VIC.
2) Insert the RAM pack in the expansion connector at the back of the VIC, with the nameplate UP.
3) Turn on the VIC.
4) You should see '19967 BYTES FREE' for the 16K Expander.


The VIC 20 PROGRAMMER'S AID CARTRIDGE has been designed to help both new and experienced BASIC programmers to write, edit and debug programs quickly and easily. This is achieved by the AID commands which are automatically incorporated into the VIC operating system when the cartridge is inserted. The cartridge also assigns some of the AID commands and some BASIC keywords to the function keys thus giving the programmer his own shorthand notation during program writing. This, together with the facility for the programmer to assign his own functions to these keys, make PROGRAMMER'S AID an invaluable programming accessory.


This game is just like the fruit machines in arcades and casinos throughout the world. The object of the game is to try and win as much money as possible.
You are given 80 coins with which you are able to gamble (if you are lucky) until your heart desires. See if you are able to beat our record of 6870 coins.


The sky is falling; large and small boulders are no longer fixed to the cave roof, they fall. Wot the bats displayed at the bottom you can save the day by catching the boulders as they fall.

Use F1 to select single or F3 for multiplayer game.

Game is played using the paddels to move the bat.


Now you can have hours of fun and build your basic math skills at the same time.

The computer gives you mathematical problems in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Some are hard, some are easy. The trick is to solve each problem by filling in the blank with the right answer. You have 10 seconds for each problem. There are 30 problems per round. Try to beat the clock and get the top score of 300 points. You can play SPEED MATH in 5 different categories.

It is an action Bingo game that ask you to solve math problems and use that answers to score BINGO.

Play against the clock or against your friends.
keys left player: AD, WZ
keys right player: L; and P.


It creates a scaled down version of the real solar system allowing you to enjoy a space adventure in your own home.

The VISIBLE SOLAR SYSTEM is organized into three program sections. They are the ORBITS screen, the PLANETS screen and the PLANETARY COMPUTER screen.

Each is a self-contained unit. You can learn about them separately, or flip from one to another as you want.

The manual contains thorough instructions on the operation of the three screens as well as facts, concepts and ideas that can broaden your ability to use the VISIBLE SOLAR SYSTEM.

Press F1 to begin


The amazing jumping clowns… You control the seesaw. Use your skill to glide it under the clown in the air so that he can bounce his partner to the top of the center ring.

Each clown floats into the air grabbing wildly at the colorful balloons overhead. Pop as many balloons as you can for extra bonus points.


Cosmic Cruncher gives you over 300 special colour and maze combinations! You can only activate one of these options when YOU FIRST TURN ON THE COMPUTER, which means you must select your options IMMEDIATELY AFTER TURNING ON YOUR VIC.

To change options, you must turn the computer off and on again. Some combinations add extra challenge by making "Killer Satellites" invisible! The yellow function keys on the right side of your VIC-20 keyboard activate the game options. (Hold down the shift key while typing numbered F keys.)

F1 /F2 Change Type of Maze
F3 Change the Galaxy Colour
F7 Change Colour of Maze

Controls joystick or keyboard:
Left "L" Right "M" UP "P" DOWN " . "

The game is a simple clone of the famous PAC-MAN.


You are the driver of a car in a road race. You have 99 time units in which to cover as many kilometres as possible before your allocated time is spent.

This game was first release under the name Midnight drive.


The game description is the following. Hoardes of plutonium crazed mutants swarm out of their burrows to sap the cital energy from an impotant powerhouse.

You are a ruthless mutant slayer, specially commissioned for the job. While you manipulate two laser barriers to keep the mutants out, you must try to find the mouth of the burrow.

Manual pages:


Game description: Try to bop those nasty moles when they stick their heads out of their burrows. but don't hit their tails or you'll lose points!. the action gets faster as time runs out. Excellent cartoon animation.


Game description: You're in an open field and strange alien creatures are roaming all over. If you stand still too long they'll collide with you, causing instant annihilation. Your only defense s to throw your electronic alien zapper (shaped like a football) at them and annihilate them first.