The big deal. Big Business (Best in Gastronomy) has expanded into many parts of the catering industry with hambuirger-bars, cafetarisa and hotels.

Now, two inventors have redevelloped the famous robot Floyd as a kitchen robot to prepare food and perform standaard kitchen procedures without cutting his fingers off!
Floyd II has to deal with a wide variety of order, including breakfast, lunch, evening dinners and snacks at all times.
You can help him by refining his 'inexperienced' programs.

But act quick, be fast or you'll find yourself winding up as a dish-washer in a local BIG burger bar.


The version I got in my collection is the Dutch cartridge version produced on a Handic in Sweden.

With this program you can administer your contacts, magazines, art, photo's and music collections.


Like Blue Max this is also a 3D scroller shootergame. I have now the Zaxxon cartridge verion and this successor super zaxxon.

Wiki tekst:
Zaxxon spawned an arcade sequel: Super Zaxxon.

The color scheme is different, the player's ship flies faster (making the game more difficult), and the robot at the end of the second fortress is replaced by a dragon.

It did not do as well as the original. Zaxxon is a 1982 isometric shooter arcade game developed and released by Sega.

The game gives the player the experience of flying a fighter craft through a fortress while shooting at enemy entities (missiles, enemy gunfire, etc.)

The object of the game is to hit as many targets as possible without being shot down or running out of fuel-which can be replenished, paradoxically, by blowing up fuel drums.


One well known software company in the Netherlands that created a number of different titles for the Commodore was Radarsoft.

I think the "Tempo Type" game is what me learned how to type with more than two fingers.


I really remember this as one of the funniest games from the 80s. A caveman on a unicycle. The character Thor who has to save his sweetheart from a hungry dinosaur.
The security is special in the example that I have now added to my collection. Apparently you have to look up a code on a color card to play the game. Never seen that... but at that time we only copied cracked games.


The Thrill of the Arcade Game at Home..

Defender is a horizontally-scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game original Atari version created by Williams Electronics in 1980. The player flies a small spaceship above a long, mountainous landscape

You can pause the game pressing the F5-key on your commodore.

Follow the next link for the game manual: Open link





What a fun game it was, and still is, when I played this for the first time.

This time, Thor has completed his Quest for Tires. Now he must discover the meaning of life.

But it wo't be easy. The meaning of life is hiddan avwai; somewhere in a long maze of mountains.

Each mountain is covered with clams and Thor needs to gather 100 clams in orde toe pay the tolls and advance through each mountain.

The only way to Peter and the toll bridge is trrough the "reals scary caves". There are lots of clams in the caves but watch out for stalagmites. Keep Thor's headlight sweeping back and forth for maximum clams.

Out of the cave, watch out for Graog, who saves clams form Thor. Thor also has to contend with rocks, potholes, and Tiredactyles (they'll eat his wheel) In his Quest for Clams and the Meaning of Life.

Fire: Thor will move faster
Warp to other levels: hit number key's twice


"Space, Explore the final fronties of this Galactic Wonderworld."

game objective:
Then Galaxy is being run by the Federation under a tyrant named Alana. Her power comes from a crystal which is the security key for the Mindlordcomputer, which controls the galaxy.

The crystal hangs on a Pentite necklace, which Alana wears all the time. Only a Proton lance, powered by the equial quantities of Zyron and Trysst wil cut the necklace.

You must explore the Galaxy to locate the proton lance and sourcesof the two elements required to power it.

Then restrict Alana's freedom of movement by taking and holding as many of her Starbases as possible so that ou can finaly corner her ans seize the crystal and re-program the Minlord-computer.

joystick - for general movement
Fire - to activate weapon or equipment;

L- Laser
C- communicator
D- Detector
T - Thrust
P - Points
R - Repair
S - Scanner
J - Metajump (only at high scores)

Special controls:
X - Exit Warp
O - Restart same Warp
N - Load Next Warp





Complete collection of a number of classic games. The best in this collection is bubble double.


This is one of the best platform games that I have playes on the Commodore in the eighties. I did not had the original (we had great copy events with friends, fast-hackem go..)


Suspended a adventure game; If you like Zork then you also need to play this game. By accident I stumbled on this game online and could buy it for a reasanol price.

Suspended; If you like Zork then you also need to play this game. By accident I stumbled on this game online and could buy it for a seasonal price.
The intro on the box states; Meet the tortured soul behind the mask. His name is Michael Berlyn. And for almost a year now, he has been honing and perfecting, tearing down and rebuilding

SUSPENDED to make it the game you see before you now. Day after day, at Infocom headquarters, Michael would sit at his keyboard, guzzling coffee by the gallon and wrestling with the SUSPENDED programs.
Game: In suspended, you will strategically manipulate six robots. Each has a distinct perception of the world and offers you specific abilities. For instance, one specializes in sight, a second in hearing, and a third in accessing information form computer memory banks. Through them. You will solve an intertwined myriad of realistic and original problems.


I added this to my collection mainly as this also brought some memories back to the time the space shuttle was lauched for the first time. I read every newspaper article that I could find at that time (yes newspaper as there was no Internet yet)

Mission; You are in control of the Space Shuttle Discovery. On the 101st Shuttle mission of the Space Transportation System. Your target is an orbiting satellite approcimatley 210 nautical miles above the Earth.

It is not quite an action game, you need to read a lot in the manual to be able to acctally play this game.

Newspaper clipping 1978 the time of my yought when I was 11 years old


Until you have entered the world of Zork you have never truly adventured underground.

Both Zork I and Zork II are designed so that you will experience their challenges in the most realistic sense.


I have nice memories of this game "hover bovver" because it was one of the games I played with my mother. It should therefore not be missing from my collection. The game itself is simple

The purpose of the game is to mow the lawn while avoiding obstacles and the flowerbeds and mobile enemies, including the neighbour himself.

The player's pet dog will keep the neighbour away, but as the dog itself is vulnerable to the mower, care must be taken not to run it over.



This game I played for hours and hours. It is still a game that has many variants currently.

Boulder Dash takes place in a series of caves. You are Rockford and move the player with a joystick or cursor keys. In each cave.

As Rockford you have to collect as many diamonds as are needed and avoid dangers, such as falling rocks. When enough diamonds have been collected, the exit door opens, and going through this exit door completes the cave.


On of the mind blowing games that time is Elite. In this game 3D, line-models where used.

I could never master this game fully, but was impressed by the game design and graphics.

As a collector I could not resist when I came across this complete set.


Hostages are locked in barracks, 18 per barracks. One barracks has been blown open so the hostages can get free. You will need to figure out how to tree the other hostages without getting them killed.
The object ol the game Is to retrieve the hostages, then return them to home base safely. You must land your helicopter close lo the hostages so they can climb In, then return and put down on the landing pad next to the post office In order to allow them to scramble out. Don't land on the hostages. That kills them.


The object of the game is for Plaqueman to eliminate all the plaque O.K., the Plaque Germ, has formed on tooth surfaces.

This must be accomplished using the toothbrush (to clean the tooth surfaces,) and dental floss (to clean surfaces in-between teeth.) Special care must be taken lo avoid colliding with D.K....If you do, you will be eliminated.


The story goes that Jack is a reference to Jack Tramiel who was the businessman that founded Commodore business machines.

he elements ol JACK ATTACK look simple: blocks, platforms, water, balloon-like rotating heads and a little red critter (known as 'JACK') that stamps his teei and wiggles his antennae. The object Is to use JACK to pull and push the blocks and jump on and olt platforms, with the goal being to squash ail the rotating heads and rack up as many points as you can.


The alien attacking force relentlessly approaches the planet. You control the planet's only line of defense, ships that are equipped with laser blasters. If is your responsibility to destroy the attackers with your laser blasts while avoiding their flow of laser and photon fire.

There are four bases on the planet's surface offering protection from the aliens' weapon fire, but as the attackers advance toward you their weapons demolish the bases. The attack starts slowly, but the aliens increase their attack speed as they near the planet.


From the moment you see PINBALL SPECTACULAR, you know that it's no ordinary pinball game. In place of the usual flippers, you'll find two sliding paddles, one at the bottom of the screen and one near the center.
The bottom paddle operates like a normal flipper, hitting the ball up into play and preventing it from being lost off the pinball "table".
The top paddle adds a new dimension to flipper use by giving you the ability to deflect the ball from below as well as direct it from above. The table is filled with popping, ponging, ringing, clashing, colorchanging obstacles, gates, rows, and bumpers.


Things in Old Detroit have gone from bad to worse; The police force are still on strike, major crime is on the increase and the city itself is being forced into liquidation by the mega-corporation. OCP.

Robocop stands alone to combat all of these ills, the root of which, it seems, is the new chemical, 'Nuke' manufactured by Old Detroit's Crime Baron. Cain. Robocop must locate the Nuke factory, destroying all of that substance he finds and put an end to Cain's evil plans. The task is not easy, particularly as it will lead to a final confrontation with the new Robocop prototype - Robocop 2!


it's the 25th Century You are Buck Rogers lighting the battle of Planet Zoom.

This is a race against death! Your ultimate and most powerful enemy Is the deadly mothership!


One of the best games at that time is Zaxxon. It is one of my favorites that I remember. A real classic space-shooter and it changed the way we looked at the 2D platform games as it is uses a isometric perspective. The handling of the space ship is quite a challange. This technique was also used by the programmer in Blue-Max another nice game.


The music machine cartridge allows you to play your Commodore 64 computer like a musical instrument, using the music synthesizing capability of this computer. Your computer keyboard is transformed into a synthesizer keyboard, complete with percussive accompaniment.


One company in the Netherlands created this famous cartridge. This I did not have then, I had the earlier version that had only the assembly monitor option. Which I needed to be able to program in assembler.


Calc Result is a spreadsheet program for the Commodore 64. It organizes information on a grid made up of 63 columns labeled A-BK, by 254 rows. Individual cells within the grid are identified by referring to the column and row that intersect at the cell location. For example, the cell located at the intersection of column M and row 19 has coordinates M19. One 63 by 254 matrix of cells is called a page, and a Calc Result tile can contain up to 32 pages.


According to the wikipdia pages Simons' BASIC is an extension to BASIC 2.0 for the Commodore 64 home computer. Written by British programmer David Simons in 1983, who was 16 years old at the time, it was distributed by Commodore as a cartridge.


Searching for new collectable items for my Commodore 64 retro collection I normally search for cartridge versions. This is mainly because the number of software titles on tape or disk is endless. This time I made an exception on this because it was a game that brought back some nice memories. The game came with the poster which on its own was reason to just buy it.

This LCP is one of the first, if not the first, life simulations game like the lather SIMS etc.




Game description: This was a real fun find. I had never heard or seen this program. It is a real kids play. Fun graphics, sound and simple play. It came in a video box like package in very good condition even the colour pages where never touched as it seems by children's hands and in mint condition. Like many games I needed to import this game as I was not able to find a similar as complete package.



Game description: This is the home version of the classic arcade game b Bally/Midway. The game strategy as described in the leaflet that is included in the package is the following; At the beginning og each round wait to see which direction the "Droid" forces are moving, and then move your ship into position to sneak up behind the enemy.

Try to shoot out as many "Droid" ships as you can at the start of each round. The longer you wait, the more spread out the enemy force becomes, and the harder they are to destroy.

Your missiles have a much longer range than those of your enemy. Four your safety, you may want to "hang out" at the edges of the screen and fire from a long distance. When one enemy ship is left, try to eliminate any photon mines or vapor mines that have been left on the playfield before eliminating the last ship. Remember: mines are worth points too! The one exception to this last hint is when the spiralling "Death Ship" is the last survivor. In that case, aim to hit that ship first


This game is really one of the early classic arcade games next to pong, pac-man that everyone knows.

Save the princess from the angry gorilla. Mario is doing his best.

I used to play this one for hours and hours..


Game description:
Star Ranger puts you in command of a scout ship trying to return safely to your moonbase after reconnaissance flights.

You face a long and difficult journey filled with obstacles to keep you from reaching your destination.

You have to defeat and elude hostile aliens - the nasties, Bombers, Cibolians, and Invisons - who are determined to destroy your craft.