These web pages provide an overview of my collection of retro computer objects, software and some other hobby projects that I enjoy working on in my spare time.

If you have found something nice in the attic, working, or which is in need of some TLC and you are looking for a good 'home' for it, send me an e-mail:


Here you can find some other devices and game consoles that i have collected over the years.



Here you can find different input devices mainly for the commodore computers. There where many different ones some of them succesfull some of them quite strange and rare.


After more than thirty years I started again with my first computer set-up. A Commodore 64 and a Commodore 128D.


I don't have a picture of my Commodore set-up in my teenage years but this one is pretty close. I think just after I replaced my Commmodore with a DOS based XT PC. A Philips NMS with 10Mb harddisk (Wow!) and Wordperfect 5.0. On the Commodore 64 I created my school report using Easy script.


One of the great memories I have is the hours and hours of programming the commodore 64. At first in Basic and after some time in assembler.

At first I typed in some basic programs as they where published in several computer magazines. You needed to type them in and store them on tape.

Lately I was looking for the smaller programs called one-liners. Small programs that only required a few to just one line of code. As the line length only allows 80 characters including the line-number this was a challenge. Some tricks could be used like shortening the commands to save characters. For example "print" could be replaced by "?". And the special commodore characters could also be used to create special effects.

On this page I collected some of the one-liners that I created or found in the magazines, or internet.



Here you can find the books that I collected over the years.


You can also see some of my projects on my youtube channel.


I also collect games for these computers. I mainly collect cartridge based applications and games.


Besides the collection of retro computers I have different interests and hobby's. Here a few of them.


Click on the image to go to the main computer collection page on this site.

Here you find an overview of some of the computers I collected over the last couple of years.

My main focus is commodore related hardware, although I sometimes get tempted and buy other Retro hardware also.