Today was a sunny day and I was enjoying a beautiful summer moment in my back-garden with a nice cup of coffee and browsing on the internet and stumbled on a adverb with a Commodore 128D.

As you can see on the photo it looked that it was not stored under the best conditions but according to the seller in good working condition. The online bidding was just begun and started at a low price and for the fun of it I also placed a small offer so I could follow the bidding and not really expecting to go for it, just to see how the price would rise during the day. At least that was what I expected to happen.

Original photo

I had searched on the internet before but had not found any Commodore 128D for a price I was willing to pay and it seemed that these machines where quite collectable. And looking at the prices I would not expect to be able to add one to my collection soon.

So you could imagine my surprise that against my own expectation my offer was excepted almost immediately.

The pickup

As it is a big heavy machine the seller asked if I could pick it up as sending was not something he would like to do. It turned out that the location was not that far away from my home so I just went of towards the address and expected to arrive in thirty minutes or so.

When I was driving I noticed that the bidding went on as I expected before and went rapidly higher and higher.. The seller text me that the offers where coming very quickly and unexpectedly to him. I sent him a short message that I was already on my way. To my relieve and also positively surprised he replied that he still holds his promise as I was the first.

After a first clean-up

When I arrived at his home address I met a really nice guy that had set-up the computer to show that it was working on his dining table. He was a bit struggling with cables and a small TV-set to get it all going. Apparently he forgot the right commands to show the drive was working and was almost offering me a other disk drive to compensate. I helped him to enter the right command, just to load a directory. That command I must have entered a thousand times in the past I think. LOAD “$”,8 or the DIRECTORY command of the 128. So I could reassure him that everything was working fine.


Next I will take this computer apart and will do a good cleaning and retro bright as it is really very very dirty and yellowed. But the fist clean-up look promising and I did some further test with the machine and it is indeed in good working condition and a great addition to my Commodore retro collection. I will add new pictures to this site when done.



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