Back to memory lane

For the English readers this chapter is all on some papers written in the Dutch language.

In the mid eighties together with a friend we decided that it was a good idea to set-up our own ‘glossy’ on our greatest interest at that time i.e. the commodore 64. In this we put hours, day’s and night in putting it together and talk about programming, games, fun as a way of sharing information.

Internet was not know as only BBS boards just came into play and information was still shared using paper. I could not recover all of them, don’t but here some of the papers that we have created using limited resources and money to spend. Most of them printed on a Commodore 802 printer. My parents still remember that nice sound in the middle of the night of a matrix dot printer. 

I have great memories on doing this although we never sold more than a few copies to our neighbours 😂.

Initial release: 1986