Over time some items related to Columbo came on my path. It all started by buying the DVD collection BOX. Recently I bought some cigar straps that reminded me on my grandfather that always smoked cigars and then we collected the cigar straps that where on those cigars to be glued into scrap books.  During a couple of years without a plan more and more items related to Columbo found their way to me and a small collection started to grow. 

The book  “Just One More Thing”, Peter Falk – This book is walking you through his live as an actor, his private live, behind de scenes during his professional working period.  Small interesting facts like the one that he wanted to work for the CIA. This book is not a page turner, you read some chapters, put it aside and pick it up to continue reading the next part. At least that is my experience of this book. 

It al started by watching the series when I was a child. The series started in 1968 I was then 1 year old so I think I start watching it in the eighties. Recently I watched all 12 seasons during the weekends. It was fun to watch them as there where always some state of the art technical gadgets involved in the series like a video recorder, answering machine, electronic type writer.. at present time relics from the past of course and some people don’t now even what a typewriter is anymore, and second knowing who the murderer is at start an than following his reasoning to the end relaxing to watch. 
Browsing on the internet I came across some books that where published with some Columbo stories.  Did not know before that there where also stories like this so I looked further and collected them. On catawiki I found most of them for a very low price. Did not what to expect reading them but where nicely written. 
In Italy in a small toy-store I stumbled on the famous car. This I could not resist to buy as a small souvenir. The Peugeot 403 Cabriolet.

Another thing I found on the Internet was a game once published by MB.

The cigar is his companion in the series so could not be more appropriate to have something that is related to that. Apparently even cigar straps where available. In 1973 the cigar company “Derk de Vries” created a whole special Columbo series.

So now when you see an Apple event you know… “One More Thing…”


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