When browsing through my DVD collection I opened the Babylon 5 ultimate collection box. I knew there were some extra DVD’s inside but never bordered to look at them until know. One of the extras is the complete series Crusade which is from 1999.
I could not remember that I ever heard of that before so I got interested. I looked at the IMDB to read more about it and decided it was good enough to give it a go.

The story line is simple i.e. Alien race spreads a virus that threatens the live on earth and one (new) ship and crew must find a cure throughout the galaxy and finds a lot of enemies on their way. If you forget that computer graphics are indeed at 1999 level (amazing how much progress in done there in present time) the episodes are fun to watch.

Crusade at IMDB

Ultimate Babylon 5 box-set
Crusade DVD Series




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