Last weekend I used to work on an Excel worksheet that can be used to create a Commodore sprite. Everybody that started programming sprites on a commodore in de eighties probably started designing sprites, using graph paper.

I myself had no printer at the beginning and certainly not a printer that was capable of printing a raster.

Sprite design tools where not known to me at that time. I knew only the commodore manual, that was included by the commodore computer.

So the only way was taking the graph paper, and draw the sprite raster yourselves, count the cells, draw the lines, and calculate the byte values. This was also the first time I learned to use bits and bytes. Nowadays many online applications and tools for sprite drawing are available that you can use.

Nevertheless I just wanted to create myself, a simple template using Office Excel. I also created a how to do that video.

You can download the Excel file here (download) and use it to create your own Commodore sprites.

An example created using the Excel template for sprite creation.



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