Quickshot VII

Another strange controller I found is the Quickshot VII. Looking for more information on this controller some reviews where quite negative. So I tried is myself and I found that it is actually quite ease to operate with one hand and very responsive to the movements. 

Initial release: 1982
Manufacturer: Spectravideo
Collection: 2021122515MP

Remote control – wireless joysticks

Description: Last week I was really lucky I think to find these new-old stock remote control – wireless joysticks online. According to the seller these have been on stock for more that 30 years. He actually had three boxes for sale.

I opened the box and they where really brand new never been used. Even the cable binders where still in place, no scratches or other used marks. Nice to put this box into my collection of controllers. 

I created a small video of the content and box see below. 

Initial release: 1982
Manufacturer: Cynex manufacturing corp. hillside new jersey
Collection: 2021120145MP

Commodore Vic-20 Paddles

The paddle controller is somewhat harder to find on the internet for a reasonable price and state. This time I found an original commodore VIC 20 version including manual and box. According to the previous owner he used them to play Arkanoid and Seawolf with them There are not that many games that can only be played using a paddle. As I remember I knew nobody among my friends when I was a youngster owning one at that time. Most only owned just one or more joystick controllers.

I will try them out with some games like Arkanoid or naturally the game that is really the classic game pong. As you can see on the images the box has some tear but it is nice to see it in its original box. The manual pages are a bit wrinkled so I will put that between some heavy paper weight to straighten it a bit. 

Initial release: 1982
Manufacturer: Commodore
Collection: 2021083130MP

TAC-3 joystick

This joystick had the typical design of the eighties. It has multiple fire button for left and right handed use and also on top. The manufactured by Suncom. It could be used on Atari and commodore computers. Inside the connections are made with microswitches. The feel of it is not that endurable squeaks and it creaks.

Initial release: ??
Manufacturer: Suncom
collection: 2021082000MP

Atari CX40 joystick

This is the classic Joystick that was sold separately for the 8-bit computers in the eighties like the commodore, the Atari game console, Vic 20 etc. I remember using this joystick so intensively playing the world games that I got blisters in the palm of my hand because running the 1500 meters actually meant moving the stick from left to right as fast as possible. It is an almost indestructible controller that after more than fourteen years is still functioning. It is still very popular and a reproduction is still available. 

Initial release: 1977
Manufacturer: Atari

Arcade Joystick

Around 1985 the Dutch company S.T.C. Rotterdam Suzo introduced a new Joystick that became one of the best of that time. It was using microswitches. You can feel/hear them click when moving the stick. It was a very reliable robust manufactured design. It came in two different colours black and light grey.

Initial release: 1985
Manufacturer: S.T.C Rotterdam Suzo

The Amiga Power-Stick

The first-time I encountered this POWER-STICK I was under the impression that is was broken and missing some parts. However looking at some background info on the internet I found that it was exactly as designed and in fact an special high performance Joystick. As I now know this controller was manufactured by the Amiga company before it was a computer company. It is usable on the Atari and commodore computers of that time. Fun to have this in my collection.

Initial release: 1984 / 1985
Manufacturer: Amiga company

The tank mouse 1351

Another controller at that time that became usefull after the GEOS software became available was the Commodore 1351. This computer mouse made by Commodore in 1986, can directly plugged into the 9-pin control port of a Commodore 64 or 128 and used to control the mouse cursor. 

See my retrobright blog as this was my first project to retrobright the plastic casing. 

Initial release: 1986
Manufacturer: Commodore