Commodore 64

As many I started my interest in computers and programming when I was a teanager. I bought my first computer, a commodore 64 on 27-6-1984, I know this exact date as I still own it and a sticker of the shop is at the bottom. 

At that time in the Netherlands Game-World was an electronic store where it all happened. 

IIn 2021 I rediscovered the interest when I was cleaning up and making space. I connected my old computer to see if it was still working. For a few moments it was.. as I learned the hard way It is not advisable to connect an old power supply that was laying around for more than 30 years.. It fried my Commodore.. So this became my first restoration project. 

Thanks to google and al lot of retro fans that share their experience on the internet I was able to find new replacement parts and fix my computer. I did not clean or retro bright this one as I want to keep it as I remembered. So see the image here the one and only original i.e. for me. 

I remember that the many hours day and night that I was programming on this machine. 

Initial release: 1982
Publisher: Commodore
Collection: 19840627GW