Commodore 64

In 1999 a Dutch company bought the Commodore Trademark and tried to sell a all-in-one PC making use of the well known name hoping to attract commodore 64 users to become their customer by also adding a commodore 64 emulator option to it.

So is this a Commodore computer.. hardly. Is it a good commodore emulator… nop.. Is it something that is collectable.. sure it is. Not many have been sold or left out there.

So when I was able to buy it at a reasonable price I just made an offer and added it to my collection. The version shown here is the Dutch release and are actual photo’s taken from the box and computer in my collection. 

Initial release: 1998
Publisher: Web Computers International
Collection: 20210925100MP


The computer itself is a small AMD pc on which a modified version of Windows 3.11 is installed. The technical specs is the following:

Memory 16Mb RAM (up to 32 Mb), 16Mb ROM ,2 MB Flash memory
CPU AMD ELAN SC405 66-100MHz
Drive 3.5″ 1.44 Mb disks
OS MS-DOS V7, Windows 3.1
I/O RS-232 Serial port 9-pins , Printer-port (LPT) ,PCMCIA port (1 x Type III of 2 x Type II) LI , Infrared-port , Line in/line out/Mic In , Phone connection (modem) , Internal IDE (not used)
Video output Monitor and TV (PAL of NTSC) using SCART
Sound :16-bit stereo FM sound blaster compatible
Connectivity Internal 56k flex V34/V90 Rockwell modem
Keyboard : integrated ergonomic 86-keyboard, integrated touchpad and pencil
Applications (preinstalled) TCP/IP communicator, Netscape Navigator browser and E-mail , Lotus Ami Pro (word processor), Lotus 1-2-3 (spreadsheet), Lotus Organizer

And… a Commodore 64 emulator which is an early version of the CCS64 emulator. 

According to a Dutch news paper article in august 1998 (“De Volkskrant”) at the time this computer came to the market the trademark was owned by a Dutch company Tulip that was trying to sell it for around 10 million euro a Belgian company was stating to show a new commodore on the CeBit in Hanover.

There was little know about the company “Web Computers International” at that time, apparently founded by some former Commodore directors. If you search on “commodore 64 Gerard Lindhout” you can read more about this strange history on Commodore and companies trying to make money based on the great legacy of it. Non of them where successful however. Same goes for this strange set-up like PC with the commodore logo adjusted Windows 3.1 IBM EmbOS version (years after Windows 95 already was on the market).

You can download a virtual disk version of this here at On this computer a Commodore 64 emulator is installed that is the CCS64 version, still available from CCS64 – A Commodore 64 Emulator – By Per Håkan Sundell.

On the Computer that I have in my collection I encountered a small issue. When I tried to start it an drive error occurred. Apparently the previous owner had a ram drive of PCMCIA card in it to store his games on it. So whenever I started the emulator the error came that the drive was not available. Setting the computer in advanced mode using the settings. A number of additional icons and application where added on the dashboard. Now also the winfile (filemanager) application of windows 3.1 and DOS prompt came available so I could look into the drive structure to see If I could find an setting file of some sort to see if I could fix this issue.

For the Commodore 64 Emulator I found the setting file “c64.cfg” and opened it and found that the drive parameter for the file location was set to “H:” which is not available. After just changing it to “C:” the emulator was working again.