On this page you can find the small game collection that I have collected for the commodore 64. Because the number of games that have been published over the years seems endless I collect mainly games that came out on cartridge. But if I find something special or if you want to donate a nice game I’m always interested. So check your loft or garage if you have something interesting. 

Star ranger

Game description: Star ranger puts you in command of a scout ship trying to return safely to your moonbase after reconnaissance flights. You face a long and difficult journey filled with obstacles to keep you from reaching your destination. You have to defeat and elude hostile aliens – the nasties, Bombers, Cibolians, and Invisons – who are determined to destroy your craft.

Initial release: 1983
Publisher: Commodore

Collection: 2021112622MP

Omega Race

Game description: This is the home version of the classic arcade game b Bally/Midway. The game strategy as described in the leaflet that is included in the package is the following; At the beginning og each round wait to see which direction the “Droid” forces are moving, and then move your ship into position to sneak up behind the enemy.

Try to shoot out as many “Droid” ships as you can at the start of each round. The longer you wait, the more spread out the enemy force becomes, and the harder they are to destroy.

Your missiles have a much longer range than those of your enemy. Four your safety, you may want to “hang out” at the edges of the screen and fire from a long distance. When one enemy ship is left, try to eliminate any photon mines or vapor mines that have been left on the playfield before eliminating the last ship. Remember: mines are worth points too! The one exception to this last hint is when the spiralling “Death Ship” is the last survivor. In that case, aim to hit that ship first.  

Initial release: 1982
Publisher: Commodore / Bally|MIDWAY
Collection: 2021082025MP

Sea Horse

Game description: This was a real fun find. I had never heard or seen this program. It is a real kids play. Fun graphics, sound and simple play. It came in a video box like package in very good condition even the colour pages where never touched as it seems by children’s hands and in mint condition.  Like many games I needed to import this game as I was not able to find a similar as complete package. 

Initial release: 1984
Publisher: CBS Software
Collection: 2021082145EB(USA)

BuckRogers – Planet of Zoom

Game description: It is the 25th century. You as the space pilot Buck Rogers are in the middle of a battle for Planet Zoom. A battle of life and death, because your biggest enemy is the hostile carrier spaceship. But before you meet it you will have to use your abilities against electrically loaded posts, alien spaceships and space-hoppers. And always take care of your fuel consumption, as a smash on Planet Zoom will always end in a loss of one of your spaceships. The faster you fly, the less fuel you need. When you have destroyed the carrier spaceship, your fuel will be refilled.

The game consists of five levels with rising difficulty grade. Each level is divided in five different rounds, whereby the first three sections take place on the surface of the planet and the last two in space. The graphics have spatial depths and show correctly the approach of the gates and the enemies, but are a bit “blocky”. Sound is used very restrainedly. ( Source the commodore wiki)  

This game I just bought as I had great memories on the tv series and was quite a fan at that time. So it is really great fun to have it in my collection also found the vic 20 cartridge version of it. Both in great condition, very hard to find in Europa so needed to import these from usa.  If you compare the SEGA cartridges with the commodore you notice that much more effort is in the graphics labelling on the cartridge which makes it more interesting to a collector i think, at least to me it is. 

Initial release: 1983
Publisher: SEGA Enterprice inc
Collection: 2021081814EB(USA)


This supergame cartridge containt three games in one. Chess, International football and silicon syborgs. It came out in 1988 and often marketed as a bundle when you bought a commodore 64 at that time. The games themselves where not new and came out much earlier seperatly.  

Initial release: 1988
Publisher: Commodore
Collection: 2021081510MP



According to the manual this is amazing… I know that showing this to my kids has not the effect it had when I was at their age and looked at the ‘amazing’ games that came out on the commodore 64.

I found this game online on “markplaats.nl” great to find a rather complete box-set with manual. The cartridge was in good condition and this is another game that I now added to my collection. Sometimes you need to force yourselves not to be online to much as I can lose myself in buying al kind of rare cartridge games.

The game strategy as described in the manual is as follows; You control the seesaw. Use your skill to glide it under the clown in the air so that he can bounce his partner to the top of the center ring.

Each clown floats into the air grabbing wildly at the colourful balloons overhead. Pop as many balloons as you can for extra bonus points.

Initial release: 1982
Publisher: Commodore (Bally / Midway)


Game description: Said to be the first game with a isometric projection effect. The objective in this game is to shoot targets and ensure you remain fueled by shooting at fuel storages. At the end of the game you need to defeed the big Zaxxon robot. 

Initial release: 1984
Publisher: SEGA Enterprise INC
Collection: 2021042845EB(USA)

Jupiter Lander

Game description: This game I required with the box. Unfortuanly the leaflet was not included.  The gameplay is to land your spaceship safely on the only solid landing site on Jupiter. Make as many exploratory landings as possible before fuel runs out. Ther are only 3 landing sites with 3 exciting difficulty levels. You can control the thrust level of play.  

Initial release: 1982
Publischer: Commodore

Sea wolf

Game description: This game I required with the box. Unfortuanly the leaflet was not included. 

As the description of the start-up screen in the game describes the mission is to destroy as many enemy ships as possible before time runs out. A torpedo can be fired by pressing the button on the paddle. So, paddle controllers are required to be able to play this game. You can aim at the targets by moving the crosshair from left to right.

Initial release: 1982
Publischer: Commodore

International soccer

In the original set I purchased in 1984 a tape version of this program was included. This time I found a cartridge version. It is not in best condition so I probably see if I can find a better replacement.

The program itself is what you expect i.e., it is a soccer game. Each team consist of seven players, one goalkeeper and six players. You can play against the computer or second player.

Initial release: 1983
Publischer: Commodore


One game that everybody knows is PacMan. MS.Pac-Man was first known as Crazy Otto a hack created by some students of MIT. As I understood from reading some info on the internet Atari dropped a lawsuit and hired the students to create a female version of Pac-Man. The gameplay is to eat all dots and be sure to not encounter the ghosts. 

Initial release: 1983
Publischer: Atari


This is a almost exact clone of the space invaders game release by Atari. It was first released for the commodore vic 20. The goal of this game is very straight forward, shoot shoot shoot, that’s why they call it a shooter.

The alien ships move from left to right and each cycle they move a bit closer to the surface. You can hide behind the base buildings for a while but the alien ship will destroy them by dropping bombs.

The game can be played with a joystick but also with the key’s. L=left, ;=right (semi-colon) and A=Fire.

The trick in this game is to slow down the decent of the aliens. They decent if they reach the left or the right of the screen. By shooting the left or right column first I will take longer before they reach the side and decent.

Initial release: 1983
Publischer: Commodore

Donkey Kong

This is a real classic game that everybody knows of. The Kong character is used in many later games of Nintendo. In this classical game, you control Mario and need to save the princess. The angry Donkey-Kong throws fire balls, barrels down and you can jump over them or destroy them with a hammer like you are Thor. Climbing ladders and going back and forth you finally come up which triggers the next levels.

The images of the leaflet I found on the internet archive. Now I know it exist I will certainly search for an original version of that leaflet.

Initial release: 1983
Publischer: Nintendo / Atari

Jack Attack

This game has some story behind. The name Jack is said to be a reference to Jack Tramiel founder of commodore a joke as apparently people found similarity between him when he was upset and the red-face figure in the game. Originally the game was developed for the commodore VIC 20. At the time I played this game I was not aware of all of this, fun to see all kind of background information that is available nowadays. 

In the game you can push blocks aside to either crush the enemies or dropping a block on top of them. You must avoid blocks falling on your player as he them would die and dodge the enemies themselves as you would also die if the bump against you.

Initial release: 1983
Publischer: Commodore

Kick man

In this game you control a clown riding on a one wheeled bicycle. You can move the clown left en right on the screen. From the top of the screen balloons fall down that you need to catch by kicking them by stretching and kicking with your legs. Then the balloon bounces back. If a balloon is missed, i.e. dropped on the ground you lose a live.

Initial release: 1982
Publischer: Commodore / 
Midway Games

Pinball Spectacular

This game is I think the first time I played pinball on a computer. It needs to be played with paddle controls. The game contains also elements that are known as breakout. Breaking down a wall of coloured blocks by shooting a ball against it. In this case using the flippers to bounce the ball up. In each game you have three balls to play.

Initial release: 1983
Publischer: Commodore / Hall Laboraty inc

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