Commodore 128D

At the time I owned a commodore 64 some time after in the eighties the IBM compatible machines came more and more into play as being more abortable. Around that time I went to college studying computer science, inspired by the things I have learned and done on the Commodore,  and I needed to buy a new computer.

I then was comparing, the new Amiga and commodore 128D to see if I could use one of those during my study. In the end it became none of those but a Philips NMS 9100 because I needed WordPerfect and some other MS-DOS applications. So now in the 2021 I found a Commodore 128D, rather rare if you compare that to the available Commodore 64 machines now offered online. 

To my surprise very recently one came online for a very reasonable price which if you look at the first picture might be something to do with the visual state it was in. So I needed to do some cleaning and also a retrobright. 

Initial release: 1985
Publisher: Commodore
Collection: 2021082860MP

Initial state

This is the state I found the computer on the internet. As you can see I needed some work. Some cleaning with soap and water and first vacuum clean. 

Before after

Here so can see the before and after the cleaning and Retro Bright. So pretty happy with the result knowing how compared to the state I started with. 

Commodore C16

Finally, this month, august 2021,  I found an affordable complete commodore 16 for sale. This time it was offered by an recycle centre and boxed, complete with original tape drive and manual and furthermore for a good price. By pure coincidence I was looking online after, the same day, I sold a more modern computer myself online that I was no longer using for quite some time now, so I could justify this buy to myself as an opportunity not to let go.

If you look at the original price that this computer was sold in 1984, as I understand to today’s value around 200 Euro it was almost cheaper on the market then as you can find it nowadays.

Browsing through the history I read that originally it was marketed in the low end of the market to compete with the Japanese home computers as Commodore was afraid that the Japanese could dominate the home computer market. But time already was moving from a home computer oriented to video game console market so the commodore 16 was never a great success. I can’t even remember any friend of mine owning one. I myself was also not interested as it was not compatible with the commodore 64.

Having said that I did own one for a while that I got almost for free but never actually used it as I already started working on an IBM clone that I required during my informatics study. Many years ago, I dumped mine at the electronic recycling center… I have some regret about that but let think about it differently… by doing that I ensured that current one’s have more value as they become more rare 

So see the images that I made of the one I now added to my collection I might even play with it a little more to see what we all let go at the time it came to the market.

Initial release: 1984
Publisher: Commodore
Collection: 2021081785MP

An other computer in my collection is the commodore vic 20.

IIt is one of the early models with the two pins power supply and the original keyboard font as used on the predecessor the Pet computer.  Over time somehow I lost the original power supply but browsing on eBay I was able to find an buy one to make the computer operational again. It was good to see that after out of use for many many many years it was brought back to live again. 

Having no software for it anymore I also searched for some game cartridges games to make it more complete.  

Initial release: 1981
Publisher: Commodore
Collection: 2000010100??

Commodore 64

As many I started my interest in computers and programming when I was a teanager. I bought my first computer, a commodore 64 on 27-6-1984, I know this exact date as I still own it and a sticker of the shop is at the bottom. 

At that time in the Netherlands Game-World was a electronic store where it all happened. 

IIn 2021 I refound the interest when I was cleaning up and making space. I connected my old computer to see if it was still working. For a few moments it was.. as I learned the hard way It is not advisable to connect an old power supply that was laying around for more than 30 years.. It fried my Commodore.. So this became my first restoration project. 

Thanks to google and al lot of retro fans that share their experience on the internet I was able to find new replacement parts and fix my computer. I did not clean or retrobright this one as I want to keep it as I remembered. So see the image here the one and only original i.e. for me. 

I remember that the many hours day and night that I was programming on this machine. 

Initial release: 1982
Publisher: Commodore
Collection: 19840627GW

Commodore 64C

IIn 2021 I regained my interest in the commodore. For some years I lost interest and could not really enjoy it anymore as one of my friends, with which I shared this hobby and memories for many many years,  passed away seven years ago totally unexpectedly. I even thrown away a lot of commodore stuff, computers, software and books for that reason. Luckily over time I regained the interest and fun memories so I started to see if I could rebuild the items for which I had such good memories.

One of the computers I added was this commodore 64 C computer. A more modern look.

Initial release: 1986
Publisher: Commodore
Collection: 20210426MO 

Commodore 64 C

In 1986 Commodore introduced a new model of the commodore 64. Known as the Commodore 64C. The previous model was known as the “breadbox” model. I added this version to my collection recently and cleaned and retro bright this one as it was brown/yellowish. Like someone liked cigars or cigarettes very much during usage.

Commodore 64

In 1982 the first commodire 64 was introduced by the commodore company. I have now three breadbox versions in my collection. My original one and two additional let say spare ones.